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 BSCI Audit Report of LIYABEAUTY:

In 2017, our client invited us to pass the BSCI audit of SGS. You can view the relevant report below or download original report from our store.

bsci certification

What is the BSCI Audit Integrity Programme?

Integrity of the BSCI monitoring process is a must to ensure data collection during audits is reliable and consistent. BSCI developed a comprehensive Audit Integrity Programme aiming at reinforcing the credibility of BSCI audits by verifying the quality of auditors’ results, and by incenting producers to maintain reliability of their social compliance efforts. BSCI conducts two types of reviews.

Internal Quality Review of LIYABEAUTY

Audit level
> Audit Sample Review: BSCI auditing team conducts random review of audit samples to ensure data is complete and questionnaires are filled out correctly

Producer level
>Random Unannounced Check (RUC): Producers receive an unannounced BSCI audit by a different Auditing Company. RUCs aim at consolidating sustainable improvements of auditees that have reached a satisfactory degree of maturity in their social performance. Indirectly, RUCs can also serve to identify potential integrity issues related to auditing practices.
>Audit Quality Survey (AQS): Producers are asked a series of questions following a BSCI audit. The answers help BSCI to monitor auditing companies’ performance, ensuring they act in line with BSCI auditing values and principles.

Confidential Feedback Mechanism
> Investigation of Complaints: BSCI’s auditing team tackles feedback from producers, auditors and other parties regarding the audit process.

External Quality Review

BSCI works with external partners to conduct additional quality reviews of auditing companies.

Witness Audits: An external service provider is mandated to observe the auditor conducting a BSCI audit to determine if the auditor is following BSCI procedures and protocol effectively also reviewing the BSCI audit report issued to the auditee.
>Office Audits: An external service provider visits the headquarters of selected auditing companies to verify that the BSCI auditing methodology and tools are effectively implemented.
>Duplicate Audits: Duplicate audits aim to “reproduce” an audit recently conducted by the auditing company against BSCI requirements at the site of the auditing company’s client. After the duplicate audit is concluded, the third party auditor compares both to identify possible deviations. The aim is to check if the auditor did a satisfactory job.
>Quality Control (QC) Audits: An external partner performs two types of evaluation:
   o An onsite review of the skills and understanding of the auditor against BSCI requirements using specific metrics.
   o A desk review of a sample of audits, requested by the BSCI secretariat.

The BSCI Sanctions Council, a sub-group of the BSCI Auditing Working Group, is appointed to deliver and decide on sanctions against auditing bodies that are found to not comply with BSCI requirements.

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