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How to customize makeup brush ?

A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of makeup or face painting. The bristles may be made out of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made out of plastic or wood. When cosmetics are applied using the appropriate brush, they blend better onto the skin. There is a large variety of shapes and sizes of makeup brushes, depending on the face area where makeup will be applied, the cosmetic product and the wanted result. For example, the shape of the brush tip can be chiseled, straight, angular, round, flat or tapered. It is so widely used for woman makeup .

Any beauty brand will need a unique makeup brush to increase their brand influence. We would like to choose a special brush to attract our customer. It is very necessary for a beauty brand to customize a cosmetic brush. In this article, we will introduce how to customize a makeup brush for your beauty brand?There are six styles to do a customized logo cosmetic brush like the following:


1 Choose a right brush style .

There are many brushes like foundation brush, stippling brush, concealer brush, powder brush, blush brush, contour brush, bronze brush, highlight brush, eyeshadow brush, crease brush, blending brush, eye liner brush, mascara brush/wand, lip brush, cosmetic brush  or kits. We need choose what we will customize .If you need a cosmetic brush sets, it will be partial of the above or full in them, then maybe a  PU bags or cylinder is included.

2 Choose best ferrule for your private label custom logo customized makeup brush?

The ferrule is what connects the handle to the brush head. Typically, a handle made from plastic or wood is glued into a hole in the ferrule. This hole needs to be the correct diameter to fit the handle perfectly.On the other end, the ferrule is specifically designed to hold the brush hair. Typically, glue is also used to adhere the brush head to the ferrule. The ferrule itself needs to be shaped perfectly to ensure the brush head will be the correct shape and thickness that is desired.

A brush ferrule is made either out of aluminium or copper. Aluminium is the more common material used as it is cheaper and more easily shaped. It can also be made into any colour desired. Copper or Brass ferrules generally look more elegant. They reflect light a little better. The material too is also stronger. Typically, the more expensive makeup brushes will feature a Copper Ferrule. which looks striking in a Rose Gold or Gun Metal Grey Colour.


The copper or aluminum ferrule shape is easy to customize its shape and cost is rather low.

If you want it premium touch feeling, please choose cooper: if you make it economic, please choose aluminum which is easy for production. Whatever, you can take some cost to open a plastic mould to do you super brush in large mass production

hair shape for customized brush
hair shape for customized brush

3 Choose the hair style for your unique cosmetic brush style

There is two option for hair material : Natural hair&Synthetic hair. Sure, natural hair has better makeup effect as it is true hair which is very soft to skin.However, it is expansive and supply is not stable. Now days, many of us choose the synthetic hair. It is cheaper with similar makeup effect.

You can chose it is style based on what you like. Take suitable hair for your brush.

Not all fibers are created equal. While natural brushes made from animal hair have been touted as superior tools for the way they hold and distribute product, Liya Beauty has researched and designed fibers that mimic and outperform natural hair, but are 100% animal free and cruelty free. Liya Beauty manufacturers several animal-free fiber options, including Tafre, a patented high-performing alternative to animal-based fibers.

For the hair, you can also customize a its shape , color(single color or dual color)


4 Choose a customize logo for your wonderful private label brush

There are many brush logo for your choosing like  silk screen, golden foil, laser carved : you can choose what you like .

brush catagory

5 Let’s share you the detailed commercial step if you choose a reliable manufacturer to produce your own label brush for you . There are five steps to initiate it #1Select product; choose your desired private label brush on our online catalogue  #2 send over your requirements, logo, and shipping address  #3 Receive quotation on your customized order  #4 Decided whether your would need a sample  #5 Bulk Order upon a confirmation, makeup your bulk order and begin selling.

customize a makeup brush

Shenzhen Liya Beauty  Co.,Ltd who has been  specialized  in makeup sponge, cosmetic brush OEM production for 8 years:also as FBA supply expert.We are audited by ISO9001-2015, BSCI. With advanced produce line:10,000 square Dust-Free workshop,we have  much  confidence in offering you in fastest delivery in private label item production . Our main market is  North America,Korea,West Europe etc. Our research team has more than 15 years  design  experience to support you in Innovative  makeup tools.

We will be glad to help you to produce a customize logo makeup brush in future.

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