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Choose a suitable makeup brush handle

Let’s come to grips with this together, so we can get a handle on that situation. But enough of the puns already!

Brush handles usually come in 3 material types – wood, plastic and metal.
The choice of handle comes down to a mixture of brand and client preference and the type of look and feel wanted. Let‘s explain below.

Wooden as handle material is common and economic. They’ve been used for centuries and offer your brushes a nice feel to them.
Wooden brush handle has a light weight which offer a good appearance and natural effect to work. It is easy to do small MOQ orders if you take wooden brush; They are not expensive; it is easy to make any mould. You can do any painting color it it. At the same time any size and shape could be customized based on your design.
At the same time, the brush handle could be made from bamboo material, it is sustainable. The bamboo handle could be without painting. It looks like natura and eco-friendly

Plastic material types and classes used by our factories mainly include: AS, ABS, PP, PE, PET, PCTA, PETG and acrylic.
Plastic handles provide many options which make them a popular choice.
All sorts of shapes and patterns can be made, which give you endless options to create something very unique. Colours are limitless and special effects can be used with a plastic handle. Metal plating can also be used over a plastic handle to give it a metallic look.
Plastic handles can also be a little lighter than a wooden handle which can also be an advantage. Plastic handle are also very strong and durable. It is difficult to break or damage them. The main challenge of plastic handle is that its super high mould cost and higher MOQ production.

However, we have many existing available mould for plastic brush mass production which help you save much mould cost. Liya Beauty have hundred of injection moulds for yours private label requirement in a lower cost.

For those projects that require something specific designed from scratch, plastic moulds need to be made for each shape and size required. If your order quantities are low, this can be a large cost to incur. Of course, if quantities are high, these moulds are easily absorbed into the overall cost of the project.

Metal is the third material range which is also widely applied in brush handle. It looks premium but it is very heavy; This is most expensive option for makeup brush handle. Generally speaking they are applied on a luxurious brand brushes.

What’s the best solution for your own private label brush ? Once you send what you are designing, we will try our best to offer you best and economic material choices and mould solution for you. It is our talents if you take our solution in your premium makeup brush.

What types of handle options can Liya provide?

In fact, as long as you can imagine it can be used for makeup brush handle, we can customize it for you, you can also refer to the description below:

>original wood color handle
>water transfer handle
>UV Coating iridescent colour ABS handle
>shiny multiple coatings handle
>multiple colors embossing handle

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