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What is a Brush Ferrule?

The metal part of a makeup brush that sits between the brush hair and the handle. It’s an important part of the brush and play import roles in makeup brushes.

The ferrule is what connects the handle to the brush head. Typically, a handle made from plastic or wood is glued into a hole in the ferrule. This hole needs to be the correct diameter to fit the handle perfectly.

On the other end, the ferrule is specifically designed to hold the brush hair. Typically, glue is also used to adhere the brush head to the ferrule. The ferrule itself need to be shaped perfectly to ensure that the brush head will be in precise shape and thickness as we designed, it fixed the hair head shape.

A brush ferrule is made either out of aluminium or copper. Aluminium is the more common material used as it is cheaper and more easily shaped. It can also be made into any colour desired. Copper or Brass ferrules generally look more elegant. They reflect light a little better. The copper material is also very strong. Usually, the better makeup brush will take copper ferrule in high cost which looks impressive in a rose golden or Gun metal grey color.

Copper and brass ferrules are usually chrome or nickel-plated, and aluminum ferrules are usually anodized in terms of surface finishes, for appearance and corrosion resistance.

The makeup brush ferrules are designed as per customers’ requirements, available in different sizes, shapes, colours and finishes.

Moreover, we can make logos on these products as per clients’ request, by laser printing / etching / silk screen printing.

Makeup brush ferrule appearance kinds:

conical ferrule is a commonly used shape for makeup brushes,However, many unique shapes determine the unique style of the product, so we can customize the appearance of the ferrule according to your requirements.

>fan ferrule
>conical ferrule
>cylindrical ferrule
>curved dented ferrule
>anodized ferrule
>Shaped ferrule

Anodized (electroplating ) color reference:

Our ferrule colour are personally customized according to clients’ specific requirement. Usually with reference to a Pantone Colour Code, in some cases the shade looks not exactly as expected because metal parts is reflecting light to lead to difference. Like that we offered some swatches of our constant ferrule colours for your reference.

Not only for these, any pantone color palette can could be meet if you can offer a Swatch number of Panton.

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