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Plush fabrics is mainly used for loose powder, body powder and glitter products.
Its main ingredients are pure cotton and polyester fiber, which have excellent printing and dyeing and toning effects. According to the brand and product style, there are a wide range of realistic choices.
The best choice can be obtained in terms of price, quality and makeup effect.
This is why many brands choose Plush fabrics to make puffs.

 Name Plush fabrics
 Dimension  Width 160cm, 800-1200 g/㎡
 Material  Polyester fiber, acrylic fiber
 Customized  Color, style, density, thickness
 Features  Soft, skin-friendly, durable, wear-resistant, colorful, non-shedding etc.
 Used for  plush puff, candy puff, shimmer powder puff, rotary puff etc. 
 Origin  China

Durable and strong fabric

Containing pure cotton and polyester fiber, the tensile strength and durability of plush fabrics are better than similar fabrics.


Reactive dyeing

The latest and most environmentally friendly fabric dyeing process ensures that it is environmentally friendly and does not contain any prohibited substances, such as azo and plasticizers.
At the same time, the color can be customized in a wide range, the color fastness is strong, and the soap will not fade it, so the finished product can be reused.


Skin-friendly, excellent makeup effect

Plush fabric contains polyester fiber and acrylic fiber ingredients, the skin will feels particularly soft, warm and delicate when touch it, so it is extremely suitable for dry powder cosmetics.


Wide range of customization

In order to better match the style of your brand and the characteristics of the cosmetics, the thickness, weight, density and length of the hair can be customized according to your requirements to achieve a better makeup effect.


Multiple colors to choose from

The following are some optional colors commonly used by brands, which can be quickly used in production.
If you need more personalized custom settings, you can refer to it in here and download more standard color versions.
Of course, you can also express the physical model to us for reference, and we can make it 100% according to your model.

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