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What is satin ribbon?

Satin ribbons are much softer than grosgrain ribbons. They aren’t really strong enough to hold shapes, but they offer their own gentle style. Satin ribbons are often loved for their beautiful shiny finish, allowing them to create a sleek look to anything you add them to. Double-faced satin ribbon is perhaps the most common type of satin ribbon available. Like the name might suggest, this ribbon has two right sides – it doesn’t matter what side faces upwards or outwards, both of them look the same. The alternative is a single-faced ribbon, which has a shiny outer side and a muted underside. Satin ribbon is generally made from nylon or polyester, but more expensive types are made from silk or cotton.


Application of ribbon on powder puff?

Usually, the ribbon is sewn on the surface of cotton puff and body puff, which is convenient for hand-held use for makeup.
Of course, many decorations can be displayed on the ribbon. For example, print brand logos, illustrations or patterns, tie a beautiful bow or paste other decorative accessories. It all depends on your preferences.


Styles commonly used in powder puffs:

As a makeup accessory, powder puffs need to be matched with different cosmetics and personal styles, so it is very important to have a wide range of ribbon types to choose from. The commonly used styles are as follows:

single faced

Single Face Satin Ribbon

duo faced

Double Face Satin Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

cotton ribbon

Rhombus Ribbon

Optional ribbon width:

Different size puffs need to be matched with suitable type and appropriate width ribbon, which need to be considered in the design stage.

Commonly used printing effect reference:

Printing your unique logo and illustration on the ribbon is a very good idea, and we can meet this requirement.


Ink Printing

hot stamping

Hot Stamping

gold printing

Gold Printing

3D gold printing

3D Gold Printing

3D printing

3D Printing

Common bow styles:

In addition to the surface printing process, the bow is also a good way to combine creativity and style, and it is worth trying. is one of our professional ribbon suppliers, you can browse more professional references about ribbons from their webpage

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