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Often beginners do not have much budget, but want to have their own makeup brushes. So how should you choose a makeup brush? The following will introduce which makeup brushes are must-haves for beginners, and which makeup brushes can be purchased when you have a budget.

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1.    brushes that are not recommended for beginners to buy

  • Foundation Brush

The reason why it is not recommended for beginners to use a foundation brush is that if the technique is not good, it is easy to have brush marks, which will make the traces of the foundation look heavy. When using liquid foundation to apply makeup, you can choose to use your hands directly or use a makeup egg. If you prefer a cushion puff, you can completely use it instead of a foundation brush.

  • Loose Powder Brush

Usually when we buy loose powder, the buyer will give away a powder puff. So we don’t need to spend a lot of money on a loose powder brush. Of course, if you feel that you don’t like powder puffs and you have enough budget, you can choose to buy them.

  • Eyebrow Brush

Nowadays, many eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powders come with their own eyebrow brushes, so there is no need to buy one separately.

  • Blush Brush.

Most cake-shaped blushes come with their own brushes, and liquid blushes can generally be used on your fingers, so it is not necessary.

  • Contouring brush, Highlighting brush

This type of brush often requires the user to have good makeup skills. So for beginners, there is no need to rush to buy this type of brush. You can wait for your own technology to improve before purchasing.

  • Lip Brush

Most lipsticks can be smeared directly. If the smear is uneven, you can also use your fingers. If you don’t want the lip line to be particularly obvious, you can skip the lip brush.

2.   Makeup brushes that are recommended for beginners to buy


Eye shadow brush

If you just apply a single-color eyeshadow, you can apply it directly with your fingers, and the texture of mashed potatoes or the texture of large glitter is more suitable for direct application with your fingers. But generally, when we use silty eye shadows with more than two colors, because our fingers are relatively thick, the eye makeup drawn is not delicate enough. At this time, you need to use an eye shadow brush to create a good eye makeup.

There are also many kinds of eye shadow brushes, so the following four are recommended for beginners to buy.

  • Bottoming brush

It is generally used for laying a base color on a large area, and the brush head is usually flat tongue-shaped.

  • Smudge brush

It is generally used to smudge the borders of eye shadows of different colors, and it can also be used to draw nose shadows. If the eye makeup is not smudged, it seems that several colors are independent of each other on the eyelids, so you need a smudge brush to smudge the border of the eye shadow patiently. Usually the brush head of the smudge brush is conical and small flame-shaped.

  • Pencil Eyeshadow Brush

Generally used for brightening the eyes and deepening the ends of the eyes, the brush heads of the usual key brushes are relatively small, and most of them are pen-shaped.

  • Eyeliner Brush

If a novice doesn’t know how to draw eyeliner, you can actually use an eyeliner brush to pick up the eyeliner color, and draw eyeshadow against the root of the eyelashes to achieve the effect of eyeliner. The eyeshadow brush can also be used to apply the lower lid and blend eyeliner. Usually the brush head of the eyeliner brush is relatively flat and short.

makeup brushs

makeup brushsmakeup brushsmakeup brushs

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