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how to wash makeup brushes quickly

how to wash makeup brushes quickly In our daily routine, we use makeup brushes to apply blush, foundation, and concealer. However, dust and foundation can accumulate on the bristles of the brushes over time, which can ruin the makeup application. That's why it is crucial to clean your [...]


Must-Have Makeup Brushes for Makeup Beginners

Often beginners do not have much budget, but want to have their own makeup brushes. So how should you choose a makeup brush? The following will introduce which makeup brushes are must-haves for beginners, and which makeup brushes can be purchased when you have a budget. 1.    brushes [...]


The most popular makeup Beauty blender sponge in 2021

Whether you're a full-face-of-makeup-everyday kind of person or someone who whips out a contour palette just once a year, a makeup sponge is a universal tool to have in your cosmetics bag—that is, if you care at all about a clean and smooth application. Even if you've found the [...]


Why we choose Silicone makeup blender?

Why we choose the Silicone beauty blender? Great personalized your makeup tools with LIYA Silicone beauty blender, the perfect two-in-one beauty blender for liquid and cream makeup products. To 1) The clear Silicone side is a transparent, cut and product saving surface for an initial application, or sculpting [...]


2019 Top-rated makeup remover

Velvet Makeup remover cutton pad Bamboo fiber. front and back in cotton It is super soft, durable, and can be used repeatedly for a long time. It is covered with velvet fiber in the front and back side There are three layers in textiles sealed In [...]



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