How can one quickly clean powder puff?

How to quickly clean a powder puff is undoubtedly the most concerning issue for makeup enthusiasts. It requires both thorough cleaning and protection of the puff's material. During the cleaning process, it's essential to know the material of the puff in hand, such as pure cotton, fluff, flock, non-latex, [...]

What is the most popular makeup sponge in 2024?

Have you ever try this XXL makeup sponge before? This extraordinary makeup sponge is designed to revolutionize your makeup application, free your hands, leaving you with a flawless and radiant complexion every time. Crafted with precision and innovation, this beauty sponge is your ultimate tool for effortlessly achieving a [...]

What is good air cushion puff ?

What is good air cushion puff ? Air cushion started in Korea. Its main role is concealer, sunscreen, adjusting skin color, hiding pores and creating a natural makeup effect. It is easy to be used in anywhere anytime. Therefore it becomes popular very fast all over the world. [...]


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