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Nowadays, In this material-focused society, many things are measured by material and money. But at Liya, we believe that in addition to material and money, the word “love” is more valuable. Today, we are together, not just for wages to staying here. We can create a good platform for common development. Through Liya platform, we can make love run through every day of our lives.
For us, cherish the opportunities at work, cherish the colleagues at work, cherish our passion for striving for the same goal, cherish the fate we met because of our work, and let’s our luck accompany us throughout our lives. This is what we should be, be love and meaningful.

Our mission

We try to make all  people-oriented,  to make our worker self-fulfill.

Our Value

We are always insisting on the latest design, Creative idea, advanced concept to make a market hit.
Every member of our works are loyal to inner hart, to family ,to partner,also loycal to customer and company
100% diligence makes our work perfect; and our worker also improved greatly.
With responsibilities,we are fulfilling our mission always.

Our Vison

Become a model for peer learning and emulation.


Sincerity is a kind of quality and sentiment, and the virtue of working together with the company and connecting oneself and the company closely. In the fierce market competition, no one is willing to deal with insincere people. It can be said that sincerity is the fundamental criterion for our victory. It should be the persistence of the company’s beliefs. The company’s development from an idea to a person to a team, and then to today’s scale, is derived from the persistence and sincerity of the belief. No matter how great difficulties you encounter, be sincere to your original intention, sincere to the team, and stick to it, and the light will follow.



Everyone should have a sense of responsibility, Responsibility is the foundation of human existence. For a company developing and growing, it must have a group of dedicated , loyaled and responsible employees. Responsible people will be respected and trusted by others and will be in their own place. Make a difference in the position you are engaged in.
No matter what we do, we must remember our responsibilities. No matter what kind of job we are in, we must be responsible for our work, execute without any excuses. All successful people do the same simple little things as we do. The only difference is that they never think that what they do is simple little things. To make complex things simple and simple things to be outstanding requires everyone to be responsible for their work.


A person without ideals is sad. Ideals are the driving force for us to realize the value of life. Everyone in Liya has his own ideals, and realizing ideals is the process of persistence.
Liya will build a platform to realize the value and ideals of our team based on the research and development, production and trade of beauty accessories.

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