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Why we need marketing research and development for makeup tools?
Research and development are active in generating new knowledge which make us creative and innovative. R&D in products or marketing is essential to makeup our business grow and expand if we launch new item or improve existing production crafts. We can not get much profits and get really competitive if we lost R&D in item and marketing.
In our daily business range, it is so important that we undertake our responsibility to stably develop new item, new design , new production process to make Liya Beauty always active in the makeup tools fashion market. To be advanced in market, we always inspiring and moving forward to new ideas. There are so many uncertainties around us if we are not attempting for feasible or common new technology. Like that we are not sure we will get any progress and achievements in future. In a word, we are to be never stopping and try.


What is the most important advantage of R&D?

Digital verification

There are so many great advantage to implement and manage activities of R&D for Liya Beauty. At the same time, it show Liya Beauty will create an environmentally friendly products. All of the item has good digital mould . Our digital mould is usually important verification method in early state of research and development. The digital mould will give us a initial effect before it converting actual item.

Engineering Drawing before production

Whatever it is any part, accessories or any molds or any equipment, Liya beauty will offer precise drawing data. There is not millimeter tolerance in our working design.

Graphic design artwork

You can choose personal customized color, preferred item, or adapting any private label brand based on your requirements; we will draft fast and precise design artwork for your approval before mass production. You will get 100% precise item because PPS will sent to you for your approval.

Marketing Innovation

Current, social media is getting more and more popular. It will be fool to ignore social flow. We could help you to create item-rated video and short movies. You can upload this one to Youtube, Tiktok etc. What’s more, we can invite the influencer to have marketing promotion.

It will be our honor to support you if you have any wonderful idea?

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