Main material of Makeup Brush – Metal Ferrule

What is a Brush Ferrule? The metal part of a makeup brush that sits between the brush hair and the handle. It’s an important part of the brush and play import roles in makeup brushes. The ferrule is what connects the handle to the brush head. Typically, a handle [...]


What is research and development we understand?

Why we need marketing research and development for makeup tools?Research and development are active in generating new knowledge which make us creative and innovative. R&D in products or marketing is essential to makeup our business grow and expand if we launch new item or improve existing production crafts. We can [...]


Main material of powder puff – Satin

What Is Satin Made Of? Satin is not only a type of fabric, but it's also a weave pattern. In fact, it's the name of the weave pattern shared by both satin and sateen. While satin and sateen share that luxurious softness and shine, their distinction is due [...]


Main material of powder puff – Microfiber fabric

Microfiber puff is mainly used for loose powder, powder and glitter products.The main ingredients is microfiber fabric, such as Polyester and Acrylic. which have excellent printing and dyeing and toning effects. According to the brand and product style orientation, there is a wide range of microfiber fabric choices are available.The [...]


What is the difference between velvet and plush

Main Difference The main difference between Velvet and Plush is that the Velvet is pile fabric , while Plush is a warp pile fabric with a very long pile. Velvet Velvet is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are evenly [...]


Main material of powder puff- Ribbon

What is satin ribbon? Satin ribbons are much softer than grosgrain ribbons. They aren’t really strong enough to hold shapes, but they offer their own gentle style. Satin ribbons are often loved for their beautiful shiny finish, allowing them to create a sleek look to anything you add [...]



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