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The LIYA Microfiber Velvet Sponge flawlessly blends foundations and powders and saves product and application time as a hybrid brush and sponge combo.

My favorite thing about this sponge is the shape. It has a flat bottom so it won’t roll all around your counter, plus the teardrop head makes it easy to blend makeup.

The sponge is made with soft antimicrobial microfibers.

The sponge is a little denser than ones I have used in the past. I usually use sponges like this wet to apply liquid foundation, but you can also use it dry with loose powders like blush and highlighters or a powder foundation.

Given that the sponge is dense, it applied my liquid foundation really well. It also won’t absorb a lot of the product, so you won’t waste your (possibly expensive) makeup. It applied my liquid makeup evenly and with great coverage. I used the flat side (the side facing up in the photo above) to apply the makeup directly, then I used the rounded opposite side to blend it. Just bounce the sponge over your skin to apply and blend.

The sponge also worked decently enough to apply powders, but I felt that it absorbed a bit more of the product dry than when used wet with liquid foundation. It didn’t deposit as much product on my skin as I would like, so I will most likely use this sponge wet going forward.

The sponge was easy to clean, too. Just run it under warm water and use a gentle soap to wash off any residue. I prefer to use bar soaps with sponges like these and rub them against the soap to get any extra makeup off. Then just squeeze gently and leave to dry. 


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