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What is it?

When I got my silicone sponge, I asked my family what it was a joke. Just like how those girlfriends asked their boyfriends about beauty blenders that went viral recently. Well, I was really surprised and impressed that my brother knows what it was. But my mom’s first guess was hilarious! She said it’s a bra insert, and it does look like one. Actually, some people literally used bra inserts as an alternative. While my dad (an engineer) was very technical, he does know what it was just like my brother, but he was also trying to figure out what materials it was made of.

My dad’s curiosity made me also wonder if this product is safe to use. What if the stuff inside is leaking while I’m using it, or it was exposed to heat, will I get an allergic reaction? If someone like me who has a semi-sensitive skin gets an allergic reaction to makeup brushes, there’s a chance this product might trigger it as well.

Silicone makeup sponges are highly debated in Reddit. One user named Briannasaurusrex92 argued based on her “excessive knowledge of sex toys” that these probably aren’t made of silicone. Her intro might be funny but she has a point, she said “Real silicone is almost never crystal clear like that, even in small thicknesses. Transparent, perhaps, but it almost always has a bit of cloudiness to it.”

She continued, “I’d be suspicious of the maker/seller until I could get verification that it is, in fact, actual silicone and not YET ANOTHER company jumping on the “people like silicone, let’s label our product as silicone even though it isn’t” bandwagon.”

But according to Liya Beauty, the brand that originally started this trend, the inner material is made from silicone and the outer shell is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)—a flexible plastic that’s resistant to oil and grease. So for now, I take their word for it.


APPLICATION: Silicone Makeup Sponge is thin and flexible. It does not absorb your foundation or any liquid makeup. You can even use this as skincare product applicator like moisturizers. Everything will glide smoothly as you pat it on your face. Some people complain that it doesn’t reach the inner corners of the face, but the edges of my Liya Silicone Puff is smooth and I could easily apply makeup on the sides of my nose and under my eyes.

But the best part I like, it’s very hygienic because you can easily clean it with cleansing wipes or water. And it does not easily crumble or torn, so you’ll be able to use it longer than foam sponges applicator.

SMELL: It does not have any smell, just like most makeup applicators.

PACKAGING: I don’t know about other silicone sponge brands, but this Liya Silicone Puff I bought has its own box for safekeeping inside your bag. It’s also packaged in PVC box with a cute face. 

RESULTS: I’ve used all makeup applicators you can think of –brushes, sponge, rubycell puff (those you get in cushion compacts), water puff (Beauty Blender) and now this silicone sponge– but hands down this are the most convenient I’ve ever used.

PROS: It doesn’t absorb your makeup thus any more heartaches from those wasted products. And it’s so easy to clean, wipe it with tissues, cleansing wipes, or just water. But the best part, you don’t have to wait for it to get dry which takes hours when it comes to foam sponges. You can just dry it with a dry clean cloth and you’re done! And it prevents skin breakouts because it’s easy to clean so no more leftover residue from old makeup products you previously used.

CONS: It takes time to get used to it because it’s slippery, and I’ve seen people using this then fall off their hand. Another thing that concerns me is that you don’t know exactly what’s inside the puff. It is highly recommended that you should stop using it when the outer protective layer has been removed. And keep it out of direct sunlight and heat as well. But most especially, keep it out of reach of children ’cause it so squishy they might chew it.

Worth it, or Hype?
Definitely worth it! I know some women hate cleaning their makeup sponges and beauty blender because every time those things get wet it becomes soggy little by little. But with silicone sponges, you can just use even just cleansing wipes. Plus, they don’t easily get soggy. And I think this will never go away since a lot of brands are now producing their own versions, like this Liya Sponge which is the glittery baby of Beauty Blender and Silicone Sponge.

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